Paul Bailey’s Mission – First News Letter

This post is Paul’s First Newsletter for his mission trips in the Philippines.

Hey everyone! Quick update so far on what’s been happening. From June 1-6, I attended the National Student Training Program (NSTP) with “The Navigators”.

This was camp was great. It was the perfect warm up before my real trip begins.  5:30am wake up calls and going to sleep around 11:30pm. The camps theme was focused on the one motto. “Abide in Christ, Key to lasting fruitfulness. It felt like boot camp, with constant theory and practical activities to equip us in helping to fulfill The Great Commission. With barely any rest during the 6 days, I’m reminded that we as laborers must work to produce more laborers’s, as it says the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. We gave back to the community on 2 separate days,


Painting the guidance room and hallway of MAA High School. On a separate day we went to the Badjao community, shared to them a bible story and fed the children snacks.


June 13 – Childrens Feeding Program with OM

I have begun and will continue working with OM and the “Steppers” from Switzerland. Every Tuesday we are assigned to feed the poor children in the area of Lorega and neighbouring barangay of Sikatuna. There I was, cooking mungu for the first time in my life, mixing the flesh of coconut with water to make milk. After a few hours of cooking the kids began to arrive. They always begin with singing Christian songs with dance actions, which I quickly had to learn.

After a small bible story & skit, they got their evening meal and the kids slowly left. The look on the faces of these kids is something I can’t express in words.



Just knowing that they have a place to come, to be fed physically and spiritually is a blessing. A place where any problems they have in their situation can be forgotten, where love abounds, and love is expressed through all forms.


Please continue to pray for the communities that are being reached out to. From the Badjao community to the kids of Lorega and Sikatuna. That these programs are more than just a place to get food, but the impact made by you and I are imparted on them for a life time. That love is expressed always and that they remember there is hope and a future for these young ones, who are loved by the Lord.


1 Thes 5:16-18 – Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.

Regards – Paul.

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