Destined For Honour Retreat 2018

“Destined For Honour” – a life-changing, biblically-based spiritual freedom and Christian transformation retreat that enables people to find inner healing from damaged identities caused by past wounds, dysfunctional family upbringing or damaged relationships.

It helps identify the roots of negative attitudes and dysfunctional relationships and helps bring restoration through biblical forgiveness and through knowing and experiencing your true identity in Christ. The seminar has been used by God to bring spiritual and emotional healing and genuine character transformation to hundreds of God’s people in the past few years. Many have described it as truly life-changing, glory to God, as God has truly transformed attitudes, perspectives and character and healed damaged relationships. It is completely Bible based and includes Bible expositions on relevant subjects. It also provides people with an effective tool for counselling for others who struggle with negative attitudes, self-rejection, broken or dysfunctional relationships, and personal sins.